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Awards and Funding - Fellows 2012
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Fellow of ASPB Award Committee

Judy Callis
University of California, Davis

Judy is recognized for her research on the ubiquitin-dependent proteolytic pathway in plants. Her research on the E3 ligase and ubiquitin-like proteins has provided the foundation for understanding the connection between hormones and protein turnover in regulating plant growth and development. Judy has also served ASPB in many roles. She was a member of the Publications Committee from 1994 to 1999 (chair 1997–1998), Executive Committee (1997–1998 and 2009–1011), ad hoc Website Committee (1996–1997), Corresponding Member Award Committee (2003–2007), Program Committee (2006–2013; chair and secretary, 2009–2011), and the Eric E. Conn Young Investigator Award Selection Committee (2011–2014). She has served as monitoring editor (2000–2006) and associate editor (2002–2008) for Plant Physiology and coeditor for The Plant Cell (2009–2014).

Karen Koch 
University of Florida

Karen is recognized for her research on carbon metabolism and the effects of sugars on gene expression. Her "feast” and "famine ” framework for regulating the expression of genes involved in sugar metabolism forms the basis for understanding the responses of plant organs to sugar signaling to optimize resource allocation. Karen has served ASPB as an elected member of the Executive Committee (2005–2008); as chair of the Women in Plant Biology Committee (1994–1997); and as member of the Membership Committee (1995–1997), Advanced Textbook Development Committee (2002), and Corresponding Member Award Committee (2011–2015). She also served on the editorial board of Plant Physiology (1987-1993).

Danny Schnell
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Danny is recognized for his research on the TOC and TIC translocons, complex protein targeting pathways that specifically recognize and import nuclear encoded proteins into the chloroplast. In addition to his extensive research on the TOC–TIC system and the regulation of plastid–nuclear communication, Danny has served ASPB in many ways: he has been a member and chair of the Program Committee (1998–2001; 2007–2011; chair and secretary, 2007–2009); a member of the Executive Committee (2001–2003; 2007–2009) and the Board of Trustees (2004–2007; 2010–2013; chair, 2006–2007); and a monitoring editor of Plant Physiology (2002–2007).

Elizabeth Vierling
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Elizabeth is internationally recognized for her research on plant chaperones. Her work has focused on the structure and function of the family of small heat shock proteins and the HSP100 family of chaperones and their functional mechanisms associated with heat stress and thermal tolerance in plants. Elizabeth has served ASPB as a monitoring editor for Plant Physiology (1992–1995), as an elected member of the Executive Committee (1994–1997), and as a member of the Charles Albert Shull Award Committee (2005–2008) and the ASPB–Pioneer Hi-Bred Graduate Student Fellowship Committee (2009–2012).

Eleanore Wurtzel
Lehman College, The City University of New York

Eleanore is recognized for her research on carotenoid biosynthesis. Her work has contributed to the understanding of the processes regulating carotenoid accumulation in cereal crops, primarily maize. As a member of the ASPB Minority Affairs Committee (2004–2010), Eleanore initiated and developed the Diversity Bank, which serves as a mechanism for ASPB members to link and interact with underrepresented minority students and faculty through research collaborations and seminars. She also was a key member of the team that wrote a grant to the National Science Foundation to support ASPB efforts to mentor and train underrepresented minority students. Eleanore has also served ASPB as a monitoring editor of Plant Physiology (2008–2012).

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