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Awards and Funding - Fellows 2014
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Fellow of ASPB Award Committee

Janet Braam
Rice University

Janet has made fundamental contributions to our understanding of the signaling pathways through which plants perceive changes in their environment and mount appropriate responses.  She has served ASPB as a proactive and insightful member of the Program Committee (2007-2012) and on the Charles Reid Barnes Life Membership Committee (2000-2003, chair 2003). 

Eduardo Blumwald
University of California, Davis

Eduardo’s extensive contributions to our understanding of transport mechanisms that contribute to abiotic stress tolerance exemplify the importance of basic plant biology in developing strategies to improve crop performance.  He has served ASPB through his service on the International Affairs Committee (2008-2010), by organizing international (1989) and western regional (2003, 2013) ASPB conferences, and by chairing the ASPB Western Region Section (2010-2013).

Tuan-Hua David Ho
Washington University and Academia Sinica

David is internationally recognized for his contributions to our understanding of hormonal regulation of seed germination and plant responses to environmental stresses.  He has an extensive and distinguished record of ASBP service, including on the Program Committee (1994-1998), the International Committee (1999-2008; chair, 2013-2016), and the Corresponding Membership Awards Committee (chair, 2001-2005); on the editorial board of Plant Physiology (1983-1992; 1995-2001); as ASPB’s representative to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1992-1994); and as President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past-President of ASPB (2008-2011).

Norman G. Lewis
Washington State University

Norman is a pioneer in the field of plant lignin biosynthesis and, more broadly, an expert in plant secondary metabolites and metabolomics.  He has a distinguished record of service to plant biology through his work on editorial boards and review committees and as the director of a leading plant science research institute.  His has directly served ASPB as a monitoring editor for Plant Physiology (2005-2010) and as an active and effective member of the Science Policy Committee (2010-2014).

Gloria K. Muday
Wake Forest University

Gloria is widely recognized for her work elucidating plant hormone biology, particularly the transport of auxin and the roles of auxin and other hormones in lateral root development and gravitropism. She has served ASPB in many roles, including as a Monitoring Editor of Plant Physiology (1998-2000), as an elected member of the Executive Committee (2010-2013), and on the Corresponding Membership Awardee Committee (1994-1998 and 2007-2011; chair 2008-2011).

Robert E. Sharp
University of Missouri

Bob is internationally known for his pioneering research on the physiological mechanisms that determine plant growth responses to water deficits, with a focus on root growth adaptation. Bob has served ASPB through various roles including as a monitoring editor for Plant Physiology (1992-1998), as a member of the ASPB-Pioneer Hi-Bred Award Committee (2005-2013), and by encouraging his students to play active roles in the society.

Christopher J. Staiger

Purdue University

Chris is a leader in the field of plant cytoskeleton and has made fundamental contributions to our understanding of the assembly and dynamics of actin, particularly relating to self-incompatibility in pollen and plant-pathogen interactions. His contributions to ASPB include serving on the Corresponding Membership Awards Committee (2004-2008) and as a coeditor of The Plant Cell (2005-present).

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