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Meetings - Plant Biology 2012 Workshops
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Saturday, July 21, 2012, 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Guidelines for Preparing Digital Art - Beginner (free, pre-registration required)
Speaker: Michael Hepp of The Sheridan Group There are a lot of variables when creating digital art. What software are you using? What size should the figure be? In which format should it be saved? What color mode should be used? We can help you create publication-ready figures from the beginning so you won't have to spend time fixing problems later. If you've never created digital figures on your own, or you know only the basics, this is the best place to start. This presentation will include demonstrations in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, along with information on how to prepare figures that will reproduce the finest detail and most accurate color both online and in print. Topics will include color space, resolution, fonts, and file type. The presenter will be Michael Hepp, Technology Strategist for The Sheridan Group, the company that produces Plant Physiology and The Plant Cell. There will be ample time for Q & A at the end of the session.

How To Be A Great Teacher: A Hands-On Workshop For Post-Docs and Students (pre-purchase required) We've all encountered teachers who have the ability to stimulate their students and make learning fun and easy. What qualities do these teachers share, and how can we emulate their success in our own teaching? Participants will consider goals for teaching diverse groups of students, discuss and practice methods for engaging students, and explore ways to assess student learning. We'll also brainstorm ways that graduate students and post-docs can find opportunities to engage in teaching. This workshop includes a full dinner buffet. Sponsored by Teaching Tools in Plant Biology and The Plant Cell

Career Workshop I - Finding a Work-Life Balance (pre-purchase required)
This workshop will focus on finding and maintaining work-life balance. A buffet dinnerwill be served.  Sponsored by the Women in Plant Biology Committee

Public Affairs Workshop: The Intersection of Plant Biology and Washington Policy (pre-registration required)  Learn more about the process that ultimately funds your research. This workshop will provide an introduction to the U.S. policy making process and will engage participants in current policy concerns. In participating, you will join a growing number of members helping ASPB amplify its voice as it promotes policies and robust support for plant biology research and education.

Plant Informatics Workshop (free, pre-registration required)
Plant biology researchers increasingly rely on databases and other informatics resources to organize, integrate and provide access to the flood of plant biology data now available. We will present the latest developments, data and tools for several important plant informatics resources.  Presentations: Eva Huala - TAIR/IAIC transition; Doreen Ware - Gramene; Dan Stanzione - iPlant; Kate Dreher - Plant Metabolic Network; Laurel Cooper - Plant Ontology

The Generic Genome Browser: A hands on Workshop for Installing, Configuring and Using Your Own GBrowser (free, pre-registration required)
GBrowse is widely used web application software for displaying genomic feature data (genes, QTLs, RNA-seq). With so many researchers getting access to so much data, it is important to give those researchers access to tools to share their data with collaborators or the world in an easily usable format. GBrowse provides just such a platform. In this course, we'll cover the initial configuration, displaying simple features as well as more complex features like genes with multiple splice forms. We will also show how to display next generation sequencing data.



Sunday, July 22, 2012, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Grantsmanship Workshop (free, preregistration required)
Representatives from various US federal funding agencies will provide an overview of grant opportunities and tips for preparing successful proposals.  Speakers will be program managers from DOE, NSF, USDA and possibly NIH.

Sunday, July 22, 2012, 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Guidelines for Preparing Digital Art - Advanced, (free, pre-registation required)
Speaker: Michael Hepp of The Sheridan Group If you are familiar with the basic concepts related to creating digital art, this session will cover more advanced topics such as color management and using ICC profiles, working with MS Office documents and PDFs, and more. It will include demonstrations of advanced techniques for creating publication-ready figures. The presenter will be Michael Hepp, Technology Strategist for The Sheridan Group, the company that produces Plant Physiology and The Plant Cell. There will be ample time for Q & A at the end of the session.

Case Study Teaching - Engaging Students in Plant Biology Problem Solving (free, pre-registration required)  This year's education workshop will introduce conferees to case study teaching and the case study teaching materials available through the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science ( Teaching with case studies encourages student engagement and supports active learning. In fact, many medical schools are now mandating that all classes be taught using case studies, a pedagogical strategy that has been shown to lead to greater student learning compared to lectures. Conferees will tackle a plant biology case – experiencing case study teaching from the student perspective and seeing how cases can be used to foster learning of science concepts and skills. The workshop will end with an invitation for participants to apply for sponsorship from ASPB to participate in a weeklong professional development workshop at the National Center in Buffalo, NY, in May 2013.

Career Workshop II - Careers Beyond Academia: Pursuing Jobs In Other Sectors (pre-purchase required)  With competition for academic positions remaining high, there is a need to identify other job prospects for plant biologists. This workshop will focus on how to prepare for, find, land and keep jobs in industry, government and in emerging areas. Specifically, selected speakers from industry, government, and other less obvious career choices will give short presentations and then move around the room, answering questions and providing networking opportunities. A buffet dinner will be served. Sponsored by the Membership Committee.

Plant Genome Annotation Using the MAKER Annotation Pipeline (free, pre-preregistration required)We have been funded by the NSF Plant Genome Program to improve the MAKER gene annotation pipeline to better predict genes within plant genomes. MAKER is a portable, easy-to-use annotation pipeline that has been designed to meet the needs of genome projects that lack significant bioinformatics expertise. MAKER has seen wide adoption by animal genome projects and has been used to annotate a growing number of plant genomes. As sequencing costs continue to drop, plant researchers are sequencing many new genomes as well as resequencing genomes from additional cultivars/lines of species for which there is already a reference genome. Plant scientists will need convenient tools to annotate these genomes in-house and MAKER is being optimized to address this need. Our proposed MAKER workshop will provide participants with hands-on experience performing annotation with the MAKER pipeline. We will also discuss best-practices and strategies for plant genome annotation. Users who will benefit from this workshop will include PIs, postdocs and students who currently have an assembled but unannotated genome as well as those who are planning future genome projects.

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