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ASPB & Fascination of Plants Day
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What are YOU doing on May 18, 2013?

A successful global movement!
Helping the world appreciate that plants are unique, useful, and ubiquitous.

USA National Coordinators:
Kathleen Archer, Trinity College (CT), ASPB Education Committee Chair;
Henry Nguyen, University of Missouri; and Pamela Ronald, University of California-Davis


US-Based Events

ASPB Facebook & Twitter Blitz

May 13-18

How far can you spread a fascination of plants with ALL of your online friends and links?

Like, comment, & share on FB or retweet the plants-are-fascinating prompts coming from ASPB all this week! #plantsfascinateme

Sample Facebook Exchange

ASPB:  Like if you have a favorite Super Hero of Plant Biology. Comment & share who it is and why.

I'll make one up on the spot: Coffee Man: Caffeinating the world one cup at a time so it can function! Sustainably farming the tropics in a single bound! Like · Reply · 2 · May 16 at 9:19am

Roger Hangarter is my plant "super hero" - through slowlife and plants in motion, he has shown the beauty and awesomeness of plants to millions!


Fascination of Plants Day meets the Amgen Bicycle Race in Livermore, CA

Fascinating plant-based art on bicycle wheels!
by students from Livermore Valley Charter School

Enjoy this 3-minute video of kids presenting clever mash-ups of wheels, plants & creative thinking!

Video/Interviews/Music: Graham Richards 
Find more music from Graham at

Event Organizer:  Rajnish KhannaDepartment of Plant Biology
Carnegie Institution for Science
260 Panama Street Stanford, CA 94305


DNA for Dinner in New Jersey!

Leeann Thornton,The College of New Jersey, adapted a lesson from the DNA for Dinner collection ( for teaching first graders in Hopewell, NJ about plant classification and the importance of understanding how plants are related.


USDA-ARS visits Farmers' Markets in Oregon

Saturday, May 18th, 9AM - 1 PM

Corvallis Saturday Farmers’ Market @ 1st & Jackson

Albany Saturday Farmers’ Market @ 4th & Ellsworth

Interactive exhibits featuring the Svalbard seed bank, US plant repositories, and good food!

Fun educational materials will be free for the taking.

Hosted by USDA-ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository


A most interested visitor!


Plant a Strawberry
An Early FoPD 2013 Success

Scientists at the Noble Foundation spent a day partnering with the community’s Kids Day in the Park program and helping kids (of all ages) to plant a strawberry plant. Participants got their hands dirty filling a pot and placing a plant within the soil. The received care and feeding instructions and studied mature plants that illustrated the growth process and the source of the berries that many considered their favorite fruit.

In only a few hours, 770+ strawberry plants were planted and taken to new homes!

The Noble Foundation (, headquartered in Ardmore, OK, is an independent, nonprofit institute conducting plant science research, plant breeding and agricultural programs to enhance agricultural productivity, which influences agriculture regionally, nationally and internationally.


Maryland Day (27 April 2013) at the University of Maryland brings thousands of families with children of all ages each year. Staff from the campus will be host two plant related events each.

 Herbarium /Ag Day Avenue events

1) Be an Herbarium Specialist for a Day

2) Walk and Explore

Arboretum /Sports and Rec Row events

1) An Herbarium is a Museum for Plants

2) Bee Gardens for Urban Environments

Plant Pressing


Carnegie Institution for Science
Department of Plant Biology

CIS will host ~40 middle school students from East Palo Alto on May 18th. The overall theme of the event is to explore the wonders of plants through imaging. Students will find plant materials on campus or use household plant-based materials and take them to different imaging stations at Carnegie where a scientist will help them to view the materials using SEM, fluorescence, luminescence and other high power light microscopes. The activity is managed by José R. Dinneny and coordinated with Kelly Beck at the Service in Science program at Stanford University.


University of Missouri - Columbia MO

With direction from FoPD's US-based NC and UM distinguished professor Henry T. Nguyen, the univeristy will host an active, hands-on event for visitors to explore biotechnology applied to soybean and corn.


Translating Why Study Plants?

There has been a strong response to the general request for volunteers to translate Why Study Plants? This visually engaging PPT presentation is suitable for all ages.  It also has accompanying upper level teaching resources. Soon new translations into Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portugues, Greek, and several Scandinavian languages were in either the FoPD toolkit or will remain as permenant posts on this ASPB page.


ASPB Member-Run Events


On behalf of the Canadian Society of Plant Biology, ASPB member Santokh Singh jump-started  Fascination of Plants Day activities on  for the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada Botany Department by giving an interactive presentation and demonstration on the theme "Plants and Sustainability.”

May 14:  FoPD gets underway at UBC-Vancouver!


For FoPD 2013 Jitendra Khurana will reprise the 2012 event he organized at the University of Delhi South Campus.  This event hosted by the Local Chapter of the Indian National Science Academy (INSA) featured a full afternoon discussion based on the thematic lecture by one of the Senior Botanists in India, Prof. H.Y. Mohanram. Plans for similar success in 2013 are shaping up now.


What can YOU time?

Plant seeds for FoPD 2015 now!

Tailor an event for your community or campus:

o Lead a tour of a facility involved with plants.
o Talk to a class or vlog about critical topics (eg: biofuels).
o Run a photo or art exhibition. Award prizes.
o Adapt or create an experiment for school students .
o Write an article about plants & research for your website or newsletter.
o Post fascinating facts and links on Facebook.
o Offer to be an expert guest on a radio show, vlog, or blog.

Use these tips on communicating about science:
Find ideas, logo art, and more in the FoPD toolkit:

Adapt ASPB-sponsored resources for your local event: .

To share your plans & progress or ask questions contact

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