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This blog will discuss questions that many members have had in managing their accounts, in interacting with the website, and in any aspect of their ASPB membership. If you have an idea for a posting, please contact us at or just post your question here.


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How do I make changes to my membership invoice?

Posted By Shoshana Kronfeld, Monday, December 05, 2011

If you go to renew your membership, and you invoice does not already reflect items you may want to add, such as sectional memberships, print journal subscriptions or donations, it is possible to change the invoice.

To make adjustments to an invoice, you have to delete your existing open invoice by clicking on the red X next to your current open invoice on your Membership Information page.  Then select "Securely renew your membership now" on that same page. If you do not have an open invoice already created for the renewal, just click on Securely renew your membership now and you can create one, adding journals, sections and donations.

You can also follow these same directions if you need to change your membership type or, for Regular members, your auto-renew selection.

Hope this helps,

Shoshana Kronfeld
Membership Specialist

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Join a Group Today!

Posted By Shoshana Kronfeld, Wednesday, November 02, 2011

ASPB's new web site has a feature called Groups. You can explore Group pages. Get to know one another. Contribute to a conversation. Share your expertise. Learn from others… and feel free to stay awhile. Online community Groups bring together people via the web site in one place with similar interests or purposes.

ASPB has groups available for members only, sections, interest groups, publications, and audiences.


To see/enter a group you are a member of, select "Groups" on the right-hand side under MY PROFILE. A list of groups you have joined are there. Note: All members are automatically assigned to the primary Membership group for members only.

Your Primary Group is the group at the top of your group list. Change by selecting the group at the bottom.

Select the group name you'd like to enter.


On the left-hand navigation, mouse-over Online Community and select Groups. Enter the group type you are interested in, select the group name, and select Join Group at the top. Note: Some groups are restricted and a notice display if you are unable to join.

Note: What you can do depends on the rights your group allows for members. Different groups have different settings.

Home - The group home page will be the default tab. A description of the group is at the top. Below that are postings to your group including members of your group who updated profiles recently, events from the event calendar that apply to your section, and news that applies to your group.

Wall – Select the Wall tab to view the wall of your group. Similar to a Facebook wall, this is a quick place to post news and information for your group. Members of group will receive email notices (if they haven't opted out) that a posting was added.

Upload Photos – Select this option on the right-hand side to upload photos for your section. An example of photos would include pictures from meetings and events.

Group Pages – On the top left, select to view sets of group pages posted by your group administrator.

Directory + Features

Group Directory – Search and view members in your group

Calendar – View events posted by your group administrator

Blogs – These blogs are those only posted to your group

Forums – Threaded discussions on topics for members to participate in

Photo Gallery – A gallery of photos posted on upload photos

Group Admin – Find your group admin on the right-side of the group page. Contact them for anything regarding your group.

Take a few minutes to browse through the groups and join one that interests you or contact us to suggest a new one! As always, feedback is welcome!

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Activating Your Oline Journal Access

Posted By Shoshana Kronfeld, Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Online journal access requires activation of an account. Headquarters creates the account for you and you have to activate it. New accounts have been created for everyone.

Renewing from 2010 and prior membersMUSTre-activate using a new customer id. New members, joining in 2011 will initially receive their new customer id via email.

Old online access using old member ids will no longer be accessible by March 31, 2010.

How do you find your customer id?


Note: Customer ids will begin with the letter "Y" followed by a group of numbers identifying your individual access.

New members, itcan take up to 10 days from the time that you join for your record to be available for journal access. We appreciate your patience as the two systems are not directly connected.

How do you activate?

Visit the online JOURNAL ACTIVATION SITE and type in your customer id.

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RSS Feeds Available Through ASPB

Posted By Shoshana Kronfeld, Wednesday, November 02, 2011

RSS feeds are available through multiple features in ASPB's web site.

Here's the skinny!

All items that have the RSSicon at the top right can be subscribed to as a feed.

Look for the icon on...

Hot News: This is the RSS feed for all news items posted on Hot News.Too much?Filter by different news categories provided on the right-hand side when viewing the feed link.

Forums: ANY forum such as inthose within a group or in the general community forum.  Find that little iconto view the RSS feeds within that forum.

Community Calendar: Items posted to the community calendar are added to an RSS feed. We post all plant science events sent our wayso be sure to check this one out!

Blogs: Community-wide & Group blogs both provide an RSS option. However,individual profile blogs though do not. Check out the Policy Blog as a good example of ablog from the Public Affairs Interest Group.

We hope these feeds fulfill your hunger for information!

Not sure what RSS feeds are or how to use them? Read up on Wiki's explanation of RSS Feeds and post a comment here if you have questions or feedback.

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Why do I get a notice every time people put up their picture? - Managing Your Preferences

Posted By Shoshana Kronfeld, Wednesday, November 02, 2011

You have the power! Personalize your preferences of notifications by following these steps.

1. Once logged in, Go to "Manage Profile" on the right.

2. Select "Preferences" from the list or just go right.

3. You will see a whole list of notifications you can turn on or off. To turn off being notified when someone posts their photo to the membership group, uncheck "Email me when someone uploads a photo to a group of which I am a member *"

There are lots of options so take your time to go through them!

On the very bottom, there are two options for digest emails. These send you notifications for group and forum updates in one happy digest email weekly. The emails are called newsletters but they are really just a summary of activity within your group or subscribed forum.

As always, feedback is welcome!

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Changing Your Profile Information Made Easy

Posted By Shoshana Kronfeld, Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One of the most common questions I get asked this time of year as the Membership Specialist at ASPB is "How do I update my information in my profile?"  It is actually fairly simple.  First off, you must be logged into the website. 

After that all you need to do is click on MANAGE PROFILE on the right side of the screen.  Then click on EDIT BIO in the middle of the screen.  From there you can change all your personal information, including your username, password, address, email, and phone number  and update your selections of voting preference, volunteer options, fields of interest and research areas.  You also control which of these are visible on your public profile by checking boxes on the left of the information.  Don't forget to click on save changes at the bottom and you are done.  Hope this helps:)


Shoshana Kronfeld
Membership Specialist

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