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Program Organizers:

Nicholas Carpita
Purdue University

Rowan Sage
University of Toronto

Marcos Buckeridge
Universidade de Sao Paulo


























Plants and BioEnergy 2014 Congress
Conference Center of University of Guelph, Canada

June 4 -7, 2014

Registration opens January 13, 2014
Abstract submission deadline for talk consideration: March 15, 2014
Late Abstracts will be accepted until May 4, but will not be considered for talks.

Supported by the American Society of Plant Biologists from its inaugural congress in 2008, this meeting is designed to initiate Pan-American research collaborations in energy biosciences.  The 4th congress, the first held in Canada, aims to continue a tradition of showcasing major advances in energy crop improvement yet keep in perspective the realities of the economic drivers and pressures that govern the translation of scientific success into a commercial success.  The Canadian Society of Plant Biologists is partnering with ASPB in endorsing this congress.

The program will cover a range of discplines, including algal and plant systems for bioenergy, plant genetics and genomics, gene discovery for improvement of bioenergy production and quality, biochemical and regulatory mechanisms for synthesis and degradation, strategies for 3rd generation biofuel production, synthetic biology for biofuels and bio-based products, physiology of bioenergy crops, agronomics of biomass production, environment and agricultural sustainability, and economins and policy.

The congress will begin Wednesday evening, June 4, with a reception, followed by a keynote lecture on the state of research in Canada.  The scientific sessions will mostly be plenary and extend three full days culminating on Saturday.  Concurrent sessions in the afternoon will comprise additional lectures and short talks selected from poster abstracts around specific topics.  Evening dinners on June 5 and 6 will be followed by a keynote lecture.  We aim to provide opportunities for at least partial support on a competitive basis for students, post-doctorals, and pre-tenured faculty and staff scientists to attend the meeting. 

Program and Abstract Book

Final Schedule

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Registration Rates

 Early Bird 
until May 4 
Undergrad and graduate students $425$495
Postdocs and Faculty$595$650


International Organizing Representatives: 
Rowan Sage (University of Toronto)
Marcos Buckeridge (University of São Paulo),
Nicholas Carpita (Purdue University)

The steering committee:
Dan Cosgrove, Penn State (CLSF)
Bill Deen, University of Guelph
Richard Dixon, University of North Texas (BESC)
Udaya Kalluri, Oak Ridge National Lab (BESC)
Ken Keegstra, Michigan State University (GLBRC)
Shawn Mansfield, University of British Columbia
Maureen McCann, Purdue University (C3Bio)
Markus Pauly, University of California-Berkeley (EBI)
Richard Sayre, Los Alamos National Lab (New Mexico Consortium)
Henrik Scheller, University of California-Berkeley (JBEI)
Marie-Anne Van Sluys, University of São Paulo (Bioen)